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We offer classes for Children, Women only or mixed adults. We are fully insured and are affiliated to Sukata Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Whatever your training goals, self-defence, sport or fitness we have something for you.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Known for its practical applications as a self-defence art, BJJ gained popularity following the first Ultimate Fighting Championship when Royce Gracie beat all comers to be crowned the first UFC champion. Since then BJJ is practiced around the world as a self-defence, health and sporting pastime. It is a big part of the Mixed Martial Art jigsaw and a popular addition to the Savage MMA curriculum in both Gi and No Gi classes. We are proud to be associated to Mario Sukata and are his representative BJJ academy in the area. Gary Savage was Mario’s first UK black belt and since graduating has awarded several Black belts to members of the Blackpool Academy. We have more Black belts in BJJ training on our mats than any other Academy in the area, with several champions teaching classes @ Savage MMA.

No Gi Submission Wrestling

A fast-paced grappling art that fits perfectly within MMA. Learn takedowns, arm locks and chokes from our talented coaching team. You can compete or just learn for fitness or fun.


Mixed Martial Arts has been described as the fastest growing sport in the world. We train amateur and Pro level fighters who have fought on the biggest shows in the UK and abroad. We are keen to take new students and train them to a standard where they can represent the Savage name. Our MMA coaches have all fought in the cage and have many years’ experience in this exciting sport.

Ladies MMA

Our ladies’ classes are taken by Hazel Winter a Brown belt in BJJ and a Ricky Hatton qualified Boxing trainer.We teach BJJ, self-defence, MMA or 121 sessions.

Children’s Classes

Bring your child to our BJJ and MMA sessions. We teach in a safe and friendly environment. Our Little Ninja programme is run by Hazel Winter and Dave Roots. The training will build confidence and instil respect as well as offering a great way to get fit and learn an effective self-defence system. Ages 5 years upwards.

Ready to become a savage?

Come and watch a class or pop in to discuss your training goals. Our Facility Manager John will be happy to talk you through the timetable and pricing structures. Alternatively, you can email or phone us and one of our team will get back to you.

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